Everything you Need to Know about Bearpath Real Estate

Bearpath Real estate

Bearpath, Minnesota offers a ton of opportunities for both buyers and sellers in the modern-day real estate market. In this market, you’ll find expansive golf course retreats and luxury condos in a secluded gated community setting.

Before you decide to dive head-first into the Bearpath real estate market, you should first read up on the most important pieces of information that every seller, buyer or investor should know. Whether it’s median property value, things to do or even the most popular style of homes, there’s plenty of info about the city, its residents and properties that you should educate yourself about.

If you’re buying or selling property in Bearpath, here’s everything that you need to know.


Located in Eden Prairie, Bearpath was constructed as Minnesota’s first gated neighborhood in 1997. Bearpath was built as the the first of its kind in the state, though in recent years more smaller gated communities have been constructed and opened across the metro area.

The majority of the Bearpath real estate market is made up of large (four, five or more bedroom) to medium sized (three or four bedroom) single-family homes, condos, townhomes and luxury rentals. Houses in the area, architectural masterpieces by Charles Cudd, Keith Waters, Tom Rauscher and more, represent the best of the luxury Eden Prairie real estate market.

In Bearpath, you will enjoy the world-class golf play designed by Jack Nicklaus, along with the 24/7 security that this upscale gated, guarded community provides you and your family. There are plenty of beautiful properties in Bearpath, where you can live on the golf course, in a unique line of rowhouses or even right off the shore of Lake Riley.

Real Estate Prices In Bearpath

Eden Prairie, the suburb in which Bearpath is located, has a median real estate sale price of $476,143. If you’re considering buying a home in Bearpath, you should have access to a healthy amount of funds. Homes in this area are more expensive than 92 percent of total homes in Minnesota and 81 percent of the total homes in the United States.

Bearpath Golf and Country Club Real Estate Listings

As of mid-July of this year, the average asking price of a home located on the Bearpath Golf Course was $1,612,671, with a median price of $250 per square foot.

0 Percent Occupancy Rate

The Bearpath neighborhood occupies an elite group of neighborhoods across America – with a real estate vacancy rate of zero percent, the Bearpath neighborhood has a lower vacancy rate than 100 percent of U.S. neighborhoods.

Luxury Rental Properties

The average rental price in Bearpath presently sits at just under $6,000, making it higher than 95 percent of the neighborhoods in the state.

Newer Properties

The Bearpath neighborhood was built in 1994, making homes in the area established but some in need of an update. A number of residences were also built between 2000 and the present, meaning there are newer real estate opportunities for the buyer or investor.

Luxurious Home Styles

Single Family Homes made up 66 percent of the total real estate on the market whereas condos and townhomes made up 33 percent. And over a third of homes in the Bearpath area are classified as rowhouses or other attached homes. If you’ve dreamt of living in a neighborhood with gorgeous rowhouses, this is the place for you. Only three percent of neighborhoods in the country have more rowhouses than Bearpath, making it a unique and special feature of this area.

Of course, the other most popular homes that occupy the area are lavish mansions that line the Bearpath Golf and Country Club and Lake Riley. The majority of homes are located on the golf course. All homeowners pay an association fee, along with the $15,000 golf course clubhouse fee if they want access to it.

Bearpath homes include plenty of amenities – from private pools to Brazilian hardwood floors to extravagant wine cellars, every corner of your property will radiate luxury.

Country Club Living

If golf isn’t just a hobby, but a way of life, Bearpath is one of the best golf courses in Minnesota and is a Jack Nicklaus Signature Course. Living here will give you the opportunity to play on a championship golf course every day – all you need to do is walk over to the clubhouse from your backyard.

Beyond the golfing advantages, other benefits of country club living include member benefits like enjoying a delicious lunch on the 9th green and laying out by the pool on a hot summer afternoon. There’s no better place to enjoy the relaxation of retirement like Bearpath.

Gated Access

To access homes in the Bearpath neighborhood, guests and visitors are required to check-in at the entry gatehouse to be allowed into the gated community in Eden Prairie. Access is restricted to residents, Bearpath Golf and Country Club members and designated guests of residents and members.


The demographics of Bearpath in Eden Prairie, MN offer unique insight into its community, and residents so you can get a feel of what it may be like to live here. There are plenty of cool things about the area of Bearpath.

For example, the neighborhood has more residents with Swedish and Norwegian ancestry than almost any neighborhood in the U.S. More than 14 percent of this area’s citizens have Swedish ancestry and nearly 20 percent have Norwegian ancestry.

Here are some more demographic facts about the town that you may find useful:

  • Over half of the working population in Bearpath is employed in executive or management level and other white-collar occupations. The second most popular occupational group are sales and service jobs, making up 25 percent of the market.  
  • Bearpath is home to one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in America, with residents having a higher income than almost 95 percent of neighborhoods in the country.


The greatest number of commuters in the Bearpath neighborhood spend between 15 and 30 minutes commuting one-way to work, which is shorter than the time spent commuting to work for most Americans.

Here, most residents drive alone in a private automobile to get to work. In a neighborhood like this, as in most of the nation, many residents find owning a car useful for getting to work.

School Zones

There are many school zones associated with the Bearpath neighborhood. The main school zone is Eden Prairie Public School District. Other school systems that residents can take advantage of include:

  • Minnetonka Public School District
  • Chanhassen Public School District
  • Chaska Public School District
  • Hopkins Public School District
  • Eagle Ridge Academy Charter School

Things to Do in Bearpath

If you’re interested in living in the Bearpath area, here are some things you can enjoy doing in your free time.

Bearpath Golf Course

A Jack Nicklaus Signature Course, Bearpath Golf and Country Club offers some of the best golfing in the state. Constructed just over 20 years ago by world-renowned golfer, Jack Nicklaus, the golf course is as gorgeous as it is challenging. Bordering Lake Riley and nested around Jacques Creek, the course features the Nicklaus trademark of risk and reward. From the forward tees, a fun 4965 yards, to the 7,030 Nicklaus tees, there’s plenty of fun to be had for all skill levels.

Fun on Riley Lake

Launch your boat from the Riley Lake Boat Ramp and enjoy a day out on the quaint but beautiful lake. Lake Riley Park Pavilion, located on the east shoreline, offers picnicking areas, grills and a beach for residents to enjoy during the summer months. In the winter, the lake freezes over and offers opportunities for ice hockey, snowshoeing and cross country skiing.

Moving to Bearpath and Living a Luxurious Life

Now that you know some crucial pieces of information about the Bearpath lifestyle, you can make an informed decision about buying or selling a piece of property in the area. Whether you’re looking for an expansive mansion, a luxury rowhome or a high-end condo, there’s a ton of home styles to choose from in this Twin Cities neighborhood.

Now that you know everything there is to know about the local real estate market, is Bearpath your dream neighborhood? That’s ultimately your decision, however the area does offer some of the most spacious properties, high-end amenities and extravagant homes in the greater Twin Cities region.

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